Create a ‘Big Bang’ in the Kitchen

In time for Valentine’s Day, Mayim Bialik, the actor who plays Dr Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, has kindly offered to share a few of her favourite recipes with SAFE supporters.

The recipes come from her cookbook, Mayim’s Vegan Table, that highlights her passion for plant-based eating as a way of satisfying her family and friends’ palates all while being kind to animals, ourselves and the planet. Slightly adapted to fit a New Zealand context, the recipes shared are influenced by Mayim’s unique Jewish creative flair for cooking.

Recipes include:

  • Root Vegetable Latkes:
    This colourful vegetable-infused version of classic latkes almost makes up for the fact that they are fried. Serve with salad or soup, so the fried food does not become the main event. Dish up with tomato sauce or vegan sour cream, or eat them plain, as they are sweeter than classic latkes, due to the carrots and yams.
  • Zucchini Pie:
    Mayim’s Uncle Loren grew amazing zucchini in his San Francisco backyard. Over the years, he found tons of great recipes to use them. This recipe combines zucchini with onion and grated vegan cheese and not much else, but the flavor is dynamite.
  • Tzimmes:
    Eastern European Jews will recognise this dish – a varied assembly of root vegetables and onions with a sweet, light marinade. The Yiddish word means “a fuss”. Tzimmes is tastiest when the vegetables get a tad mushed together. The final result is hearty and satisfying, and the sweet and rich taste is a sure hit.
  • Plum and Walnut Crisp:
    This crisp is a summer tradition for Mayim’s family. Her sons’ Grandma has a plum tree, and she always brings plums with her when she visits in the summer.

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25 January 2016