Sponsors turn their back on rodeo

We’ve known it all along, and now some of rodeos’ backers are learning the truth too: rodeo is cruel. Every year in New Zealand countless animals are terrified and abused in rodeo events. Companies sponsoring this cruelty are often completely unaware of what actually happens.

Rodeos would not be financially viable without sponsorship, so it’s crucial that they withdraw their support which is why SAFE is now contacting companies.

After hearing from SAFE, some have now made statements that preclude supporting rodeo, such as MediaWorks and Honda New Zealand. MediaWorks had this to say: “We do not have any intention of sponsoring any rodeo in the future.” And similarly, Honda confirmed that “Honda New Zealand will not be sponsoring any rodeos." 

Earlier this year Air New Zealand removed rodeo footage from their new advert after contact from SAFE and many concerned members of the public.

Other companies such as Saddlery Warehouse and Totalspan are still supporting rodeo. They are sending a message to their customers that they’re happy to be associated with tormenting and abusing animals for entertainment, which can be damaging to their reputation.

Companies seek to be involved with the local community, but there are many alternative activities to support that don’t involve harming animals.

SAFE urges all rodeo sponsors to join the movement away from animal cruelty.


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Ask sponsors to drop their support of rodeo by sending an email to sponsors now!

Report sponsor: If you’ve spotted a company sponsoring rodeo, let us know.


19 November 2015