Countdown stores targeted by prominent ads

This morning, Countdown executives and store managers across the country arrived at work to find hundreds of ads outside their stores urging them to stop selling cage eggs.

In June, after Countdown had been ignoring the pleas of their customers for several months, SAFE decided to kick the cage-free campaign up a notch.  When Countdown’s new flagship store in Ponsonby opened to great media fanfare, we were there with a 6-metre long mobile billboard, posters, concerned customers and even a plane overhead with one very simple, important message: ‘Countdown: stop selling cage eggs’.

But protesters can’t be outside stores 24/7 and we needed something that can be; something that constantly reminds Countdown that their customers care about hens.

Funded by Countdown’s own customers, the ambitious new ads send Countdown a simple, powerful message: ‘We don’t want cruelty in our trollies!’

There’s no doubt about it – the world is going cage-free.  In the last few months, Burger King joined McDonald’s and Wendy’s in cutting out cage-eggs, while across the Tasman supermarket giant ALDI announced their commitment to a phase out date.  Major US chains, such as Kroger and Wal-Mart, along with all Austrian and Dutch supermarkets, have already made the change.

When Countdown joins them, it will make a significant difference for New Zealand’s caged hens, who are living a life of hell. Together, we will make this happen.

If you supported these ads, THANK YOU!


  • Enough is enough. Countdown must listen to their customers.
    You can let them know your thoughts by posting on their Facebook page and emailing them a message.

18 July 2016