Why is this legal?

New rodeo footage shows terrified animals being prodded, slapped in the face, having their tail twisted, and collapsing from extreme stress. 

What is truly shocking is that this abuse is legal under the Rodeo Code of Welfare.
Rodeos are presented as traditional displays of skill and bravery in tackling untamed wild animals, but in reality they are little more than a cruel spectacle and a disturbing exhibition of human domination over frightened animals being put at risk of injury or even death.

Rodeo Cruelty in NZ from Farmwatch on Vimeo.

Rodeos are condemned both in New Zealand and internationally by vets, animal welfare agencies and ex-rodeo riders, but the NZ Rodeo Association says it has "no concerns at all” about the video and are confident that "minimum standards in the Rodeo Welfare Code have been upheld".

This begs the question, why is this cruelty allowed by law?
This recent footage serves as proof that rodeos are nothing more than animal abuse and that there is something seriously wrong with the Code of Welfare.

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Join SAFE in calling for all rodeos in New Zealand to be banned.

19 May 2015