Support grows for Auckland's first 'Cage Free' supermarket

17 October 2012: First Dunedin, now Auckland - consumers at both ends of the country have expressed their support for local New World supermarkets to remove cage eggs from their shelves.

Auckland staff and volunteers, joined by Green Party representative Vernon Tava, handed in a petition signed by over 1600 central Aucklanders. SAFE and the Auckland public are calling on the local, high profile Victoria Park New World to phase out cage eggs.

SAFE campaign director Eliot Pryor hopes the petition will result in the supermarket taking a positive step forward for battery hens and said the supermarket manager responded positively at the petition handover. Vernon Tava expressed his enthusiasm and support for this initiative.

The volunteer team have been collecting signatures for around eight months. Auckland volunteer coordinator Zimena Didovich said the level of support from the public was very encouraging.

"I'm very encouraged by the level of support people have shown. It demonstrates that the public is aware of the battery farming issue and cares about hens being treated well. We have had a lot of feedback indicating that the public is opposed to animals being treated this way."

"It's clear that consumers don't want to support cruelty, and there is no real need for supermarkets to do so - other supermarkets in New Zealand have already gone "cage free" and have suffered no loss of profits whatsoever. We will continue to work with local retailers to highlight this public concern and encourage support for higher standards of animal welfare."