40,000 say ban farrowing crates!

Today SAFE and volunteers went to the Prime Ministers' office to hand in the 40,000 signature-strong petition calling for a farrowing crate ban. 

"Our stick man John Key hasn’t been very helpful for actually making any changes for pigs, but then, neither has the real John Key.” says SAFE head of campaigns Mandy Carter.

In a farrowing crate a mother pig can only stand up and lie down. With no straw for bedding, she scrapes her nose over the bare concrete floor in an attempt to build a nest for her piglets. Her inability to properly mother her piglets only adds further to her frustration and depression. Her piglets will be taken away at a mere four weeks of age. Sixty-seven per cent of New Zealand pig farmers currently use farrowing crates.

SAFE hopes that Key – or the next Government - listen and instigate an immediate ban.

Thanks so much to everyone who shared and signed the petition.

17 September 2014