Caged Being - A Social Experiment

40 People, 40 Hours; Caged!
At 10pm on June 2nd 40 people will say goodbye to their creature comforts and enter a 56.2 square meter cage inside a disused shop in Ponsonby, to raise awareness of the biggest animal welfare issue of our time - factory farming.

The ‘Caged Being’ event will simulate for 40 hours, what 125 million animals experience each day of their lives here in New Zealand. For these animals every day is a living hell …and the situation is urgent! We want to let other Kiwis know so we can act to help stop the cruelty.
Amongst the volunteers in for the long haul will be SAFE ambassadors actor Emmett Skilton, Masterchef 2013 winner Aaron Brunet and his daughter Ariana, social media influencers Sam Morgan and Tian Tan and musician Franko Heke. Other well-known SAFE ambassadors will drop in for extended cage visits, including Suzanne Paul, ex-bachelorette of 2016 Alicia Cowan, actress Chelsie Preston-Crayford and Robyn Malcolm. We’re expecting media coverage of this event, as well as inviting some Auckland politicians to come inside.



Caged Being will be livestreamed on Facebook - follow the Caged Being event page to tune in. The Caged Beings can also be viewed in person from the footpath @ 63 Gt Nth Rd, Ponsonby


Show your support on for the ‘Caged Beings’ as they do 40 hours of cage time. All funds raised from this exciting social experiment will make a real difference as we fight together to end the cruel practise of factory farming and make New Zealand a better place for all animals. Our volunteers will be making a huge commitment to this cause. The experiment requires significant time, personal sacrifice and fortitude.


Help us see the participants off on Friday June 2nd at 8pm. Step inside the cage and take a selfie, then post it to your friends! The launch is Street side @ 63 Great North Rd, Ponsonby. Because freedom is worth being caged for!

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18 May 2017