Animals to suffer in university experiments

Last year the University of Otago stirred up controversy by shooting pigs in the head during experiments.

Now the university is planning on building a $50 million animal testing laboratory. Coupled with New Zealand’s overall trend of an increase in animal testing, this latest development is dire news - indicating a commitment from the university to test on animals for years to come. In 2014 alone, 21,705 animals had to endure Otago’s experiments on just one of their campuses, with the vast majority of them being killed.

Animal experiments are not just cruel for the animals, subjecting them not only to often painful tests but forcing them to live in a sterile, often barren cage, but animal testing is bad for humans too. Modern methods are starting to outpace animal testing in terms of effectiveness. Technology can already do amazing things without using animals, and it is only going to get better.

It is time the University of Otago moved out of the dark ages and focused on 21st century technologies. Methods like In Vitro testing and computer modelling can yield results more quickly and more accurately than animal models can.


17 May 2016