Over 62,000 say Ban Rodeo

Today, 17 March, SAFE, joined by the SPCA, Farmwatch and Green MP Mojo Mathers were outside Parliament to hand in a petition calling on the Government to make this the last ever rodeo season and ban rodeo for good. Since the launch of the campaign, over 62,000 compassionate people have signed, demonstrating the strength of anti-rodeo feeling in New Zealand.

SAFE believes that causing animals to suffer for entertainment is both unreasonable and unnecessary, and therefore rodeos are in total contradiction of the requirements of New Zealand law. “The Rodeo Code of Welfare is already largely ineffective and regularly broken; the Government is failing to uphold this already meager law and change needs to happen,” says SAFE's Hans Kriek. “It’s time for the Government to step up and listen to what people are asking for.”

Rodeos are condemned by vets, welfare experts and animal protection organisations worldwide. In New Zealand rodeo is banned from Auckland Council land and SAFE, SPCA and Farmwatch say it is time the rest of the country followed suit.

A big thank you to everyone who signed the petition. "Kiwis are tired of the excuses. New Zealand is getting left behind and our reputation as a nation of animal lovers is in doubt. It’s time for rodeo to end, for good," says Hans.

Take action:

  • You can still make a difference for rodeo animals! Tell sponsors to drop rodeo. 
  • Spread the word in your community: ask friends and family not to support cruelty.

17 March 2016