Suzanne Paul’s shock secret, one year on!

Woman’s Weekly announced it first on the cover of their 2014 July issue, "Suzanne Paul's shock secret”. Within its pages, all was revealed - Suzanne Paul had become a vegetarian! This July marks her first year anniversary, so SAFE followed up to find out how her year of veg had been going.

Why did you choose to Go Veg?

For the two years before going veg, I was only eating free-range chicken and pork as I didn't agree with factory farming. Then I stopped buying meat altogether and only ate it occasionally when I was dining out. But I think as I got older, I became more aware of the consequences of my behaviour – and I didn't want animals to die because of me. There are plenty of other things I can eat.

Did anyone join you?

My husband decided to join me, after watching a documentary called 'Forks Over Knives’. That was enough to put him off eating meat there and then.

What’s the best thing you’ve discovered by Going Veg?

The last couple of years, I've been going through menopause and I've suffered from terrible bloating and indigestion. I went dairy-free, then gluten-free but it didn't make much difference. But things improved very quickly when I went meat-free. I also have more energy and have lost weight and so has my husband.

Have you enjoyed the new food?

I actually think my diet is more varied and interesting now that I don't rely on meat as an ingredient. My food always tastes good and fresh.

What’s an example of a dish you have enjoyed creating and serving others?

My signature dish that I always take to family and friends is cheesy potato and kumara bake with maybe some celery and spring onion thrown in. It's always delicious.

Has there been anything negative about going veg?

I fly to Australia a lot and keep forgetting to book my vegetarian meal – so I end up with nothing, but I won't forget next time. Otherwise there are always plenty of options available in restaurants and cafes.

Have you found anything difficult about it?

I haven't found it difficult and I don't miss meat. We'll have a roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding still - but no meat.

Will you stay Veg long term do you think?

Last year was my first Christmas dinner without pork and turkey. The only thing I missed was the dripping from the pork as I like to eat it on toast at Christmas. It's a British thing! But I will stay vegetarian long-term.

What do your friends, work colleagues and family think?

Friends and family are very supportive. We don't preach at them, but I have had a good friend also go veg now and she wishes she'd done it years ago: she's lost about ten kilos without trying!

Has there been a funny moment on your journey?

I thought the headline last year on my Woman's Weekly story on SAFE’s cruelty-free app launch was hilarious – ‘Suzanne's shock secret’!

Last year, over 500 people were inspired to join Suzanne Paul by taking the 30-Day Go Veg Challenge for World Veg Month. 

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