NZ Scientists shoot pigs to study blood-spatter patterns

Vile experiments are being conducted on live pigs in which the animals are tied down and shot in the head at close range, just to see how the blood spatters from the bullet wound. The studies are being conducted by the NZ government funded Institute of Environmental Science and Research, in collaboration with the University of Auckland and University of Otago for experiments they say would help in criminal cases.

As well as being morally abhorrent, these kinds of tests are inaccurate. “Pigs have much tougher skulls so we question why this was ever approved by an ethics committee, as it proves absolutely nothing unless the police wanted to investigate a pig murder case,” says SAFE’s Executive Director, Hans Kriek. The research should be conducted using mannequins or computer modelling.

The Institute has now said that it will not conduct these appalling experiments in the future, but the universities have yet to agree. Please help pigs by asking them to switch to superior non-animal research methods and end these sick experiments today.


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17 September 2015