Going vegetarian - the 30 day challenge

SAFE volunteer Hannah Muir shares her experiences of going vegetarian. 


My Vegetarian Experience

A couple of months ago I decided to become a more conscious citizen. One of the ways I chose to do this was by taking a Vegetarian Challenge. As a child I was vegetarian but since then I had lost my way. Challenging myself to thirty days of vegetarianism, and a further seven days as a vegan, was a really wonderful and enlightening experience. Since then I have remained a vegetarian but continue to eat vegan foods two or three days a week.

The reasons for my decision to try out vegetarianism were multi-fold and since I began the adventure I have found even more reasons to continue. Firstly, I love animals. I always have and as I learn more about the world, I have become very conscious of the value of every living thing. Therefore, it seemed hypocritical to continue eating meat.

Secondly, with the current overpopulated state of the world and the rapid decline in usable natural resources, a vegetarian diet became an eco option as well. Also, I have several health issues, including endometriosis, and with a busy lifestyle, and health concerns as well, being vegetarian was a way to become more conscious about my own body and what I need to be healthy.

During the 30-day challenge, I chose to blog about my experiences and discuss the issues that were arising, as I further explored the benefits of vegetarianism and the risks of our mindless, soulless consumer culture. By putting my experiences and ideas into words, I was able to start some interesting debates and inspire fifteen other people to take up the challenge as well. Over all, the whole process was extremely successful, rewarding and inspiring.

For anyone yet to try vegetarianism, it is a wonderful lifestyle choice and the benefits are great and many. Along with more self-awareness and a holistic understanding of life and the needs of our planet, I also lost four kilograms, have much more energy and lower stress levels, and on average I save about $30 a week on food! Also, I have to say that the food is truly amazing and all of the people from the vegetarian and vegan community were extremely supportive, so thank you very much to them as well.

I encourage everyone to become more conscious of the foods we consume, particularly animal products. I am pleased my own personal challenge has inspired others into action on the fundamental issue of looking after ourselves and the planet. I continue to enjoy the physical, emotional and social benefits a vegetarian lifestyle brings.

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16 January 2011