Chrissie Hynde rocks with SAFE

Chrissie Hynde rocks! As if having a SAFE presence at all three New Zealand concerts was not enough, Chrissie was enthusing about SAFE to her audience at every gig! 

"SAFE are the best animal organisation in New Zealand and they're really achieving incredible success in their campaign against factory farming," she proclaimed at the Auckland gig. "Make sure you text them a donation right now." The audience were quick to respond and floods of $3 texts came in to SAFE straight away.

Chrissie and fellow 80's rock legend, Blondie, wooed audiences in Auckland, Martinborough and Waipara during their international tour last December. Chrissie had earlier pledged to help SAFE fundraise while touring New Zealand.

"Chrissie has become a fabulous ally to SAFE," says promotions manager Amanda Sorrenson.

"To welcome her to New Zealand and to thank her, SAFE presented her with a scrumptious basket of vegan treats. The basket included one of her favourite things, avocadoes, along with our new anti factory farming t-shirt and shopping bag, as well as chocolates, sweets and other goodies," says Amanda.

16 January 2011