SAFE go crazy for Go Veg and Stop Factory Farming!

Hugging vegetarians, bake sales, stop factory farming information- it's all been happening in your local area. Find out what we've been up to! Keen to get involved? Keen to get involved? Become a volunteer!


SAFE Auckland

Auckland Volunteer Coordinator Zimena fills us in:

Since I started at the SAFE Auckland office a couple of months ago it's been great meeting our Auckland volunteer team and taking part in various activities with everyone.

We've been getting steadily busier recently with ongoing collections and petition signings. The highlights for me have been our Stop Factory Farming information evening and the Hug-A-Veg day Go Veg promotion.

Our Stop Factory Farming information evening went well, with several people expressing that they had learned a lot, were shocked at exactly what goes on behind the closed doors of the factory farming industry, and wanting to get involved in helping the animals. We covered the aims of the campaign, the animal welfare issues involved in factory farming, and what people can do to help the millions of New Zealand farm animals suffering every year behind closed doors.


‘HUG A VEGETARIAN DAY' in Wellington an Auckland

Wellington Volunteer Coordinator Michael says:

‘Hug a Veg' day was hugely successful in Wellington and Auckland with three Green MPs as well as actor Jade Daniels helping out. Kevin Hague, Gareth Hughes and Mojo Mathers came along to support the SAFE campaign event. We had a great turnout of brilliant and positive volunteers also.

Auckland SAFE staff members and volunteers also took to Queen St wearing animal costumes and giving out their own free hugs.

The fun and furry animal costumes helped create a buzz with many people receiving a hug from a ‘veg' in a fun and positive promotion of the veg lifestyle.



National volunteer coordinator Laura says:

Spring is in the air! The Christchurch SAFE volunteers have been busy little bees, holding SAFE information stalls at the Body, Mind, Spirit Festival; The Christchurch Vegetarian Expo and selling delicious vegan baking at the The University Market.

What a great day we had at the Vegetarian Expo! It was wonderful to meet so many like-minded people who were so open to learning about how they can make a difference to the lives of animals. A big thank you to our keen volunteers.


Our awesome volunteer Invercargill SAFE coordinator Russell Masters baked over 120 yummy vegan cupcakes to give away at last weeks Eco Festival! Talk about winning peoples hearts with food. He also put together an awesome cruelty-free hamper for this raffle, which was won by one very lucky lady.

We'd like to extend a very heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to our wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, who take time out of their busy lives - often at very short notice - to take part in SAFE activities to help the animals.


15 October 2012