World's Largest Foodservice Company goes cage-free

Great news! Compass Group, the largest foodservice company in the world and one which has an arm in New Zealand, has announced they will only use cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025. This will positively impact the lives of millions of hens.

Compass Group provides food at over 200 locations in New Zealand and uses a significant number of eggs. This latest announcement is part of a worldwide movement to free hens from cages. SAFE is in a coalition with other animal groups in the Open Wing Alliance, whose members are facilitating change with egg retailers worldwide. Our friends at The Humane League and Humane Society International worked with Compass Group to facilitate this decision.

Internationally hundreds of food retailers have already committed to going, or have already gone, cage-free. In New Zealand restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s have also made the commitment.

Caring Kiwis have been asking supermarket giant Countdown to make the same announcement as their parent company Woolworths in Australia has already done, and go cage-free.

Back in August, Countdown launched an “Egg Producer Programme” aimed at increasing the supply of cage-free eggs. Hens live a life of misery in cages and the next logical step is for Countdown to ‘Name the Date’ they will stop the sale of all cage eggs.  

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16 September 2016