International expert condemns New Zealand rodeo cruelty

While it doesn’t take an animal welfare expert to see that animals are distressed when chased, wrestled, roped, spurred and forced to buck in rodeo event, it’s pleasing to see the wealth of experts that are now speaking out. Among them is Dr Peggy Larson who visited New Zealand earlier this year from her home in the US. As a past rodeo ‘bareback bronc’ rider, she saw rodeo practices for herself from inside the industry. Her experience and knowledge as a vet, prosecutor and farmer make her perfectly placed to provide expert opinion on why rodeo must end. While she is against all rodeo events, Dr Larson is particularly appalled by calf roping.

“I can’t look at a calf roping event without thinking of the science behind the damage that’s being done to that calf’s neck.”

She explains how autopsy reports on calves used in calf roping events revealed that they sustain serious neck, head and shoulder injuries when roped at full speed. This damage occurs because their head and neck are stopped by the rope, but their body keeps going.

16 April 2018