Schoolgirl’s fight against Countdown

Countdown, has come under increased pressure to stop selling cage eggs with a petition from a school girl attracting over 14,000 signatures.

12-year-old Maja Skilling from Auckland has taken on Countdown by launching a petition that has been backed by tens of thousands of Kiwis. The petition calls for the supermarket giant to stop selling cage eggs.

SAFE has been asking Countdown to name a phase-out date for cage eggs to bring them into line with their parent company, Woolworths in Australia, who committed to stop selling cage eggs there by 2018. Countdown has already received thousands of messages and comments on social media and via email from concerned Kiwis, asking them not to stock eggs from caged hens.

Maja, who is a keen animal lover and has her own animal blog, launched her petition after she saw the cruelty of caged hens and talked to SAFE.

Maja said “I have four chickens of my own, and two of them are rescued from cruel cage backgrounds.  Playing with them and observing their natural behavior shows me that life in any cage would be torture for chickens! I may only be a child, but I want to make a difference. I want Countdown to stop selling these cage eggs once and for all.”

“Maja’s petition is fantastic. Countdown markets to children via in-store collectables such as their movie cards, so it’s really important for kids to have their voices heard,” says SAFE head of campaigns Mandy Carter. “Kids know that caging hens is cruel. In fact, we all know it. Now Countdown must take action. Their parent company has already recognised the cruelty of caging hens, now Countdown must do the same, or risk being left behind in a global shift on animal welfare.”


16 June 2016