Valentine’s Surprise! Unlikely duo spotted kissing

In aid of a cosmetics testing on animals ban in New Zealand.

An unlikely duo shared a very open kiss today in the run-up to Valentine’s Day: Shortland Street actor Angela Bloomfield and Green MP Gareth Hughes. But it is not a blossoming romance; it's in aid of SAFE’s ‘Cruelty-Free Kisses’ campaign.

“Valentine’s Day should be filled with chocolate and sweet kisses – not cruelty,” says Angela. “Yet around the world animals are still suffering in laboratories for the sake of lip gloss and other cosmetics.”

Angela and Gareth’s kiss is supporting SAFE’s call for a ban on testing cosmetics on animals, as countries around the world are doing. The New Zealand government is currently reviewing animal welfare law, and an amendment proposed by the Green Party would see cosmetics testing banned.

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Friday 13 February 2015