SAFE's animal testing campaigns win international prize

SAFE is proud to announce that it is a winner of the Lush Prize, an international award for outstanding contributions to replacing animal testing.

The prize was awarded today in London in the ‘Public Awareness' category, for "publicising the use of animal-testing in national drugs regulation and helping consumers to buy cruelty-free products".

"The award comes with a prize of £25,000 (NZ $48,000) which will give a significant boost to SAFE's campaign against animal testing in 2014," says SAFE Executive Director Hans Kriek. SAFE was nominated specifically for SAFEShopper, the consumer guide for products not tested on animals, its work on the New Zealand arm of the international Be Cruelty Free campaign aiming for a ban on cosmetics testing, and its part in fighting proposed party pill testing on animals.

November 2013