Animals facing death for legal highs

SAFE and other animal welfare groups say it is unacceptable that the Government is still considering using animals for testing of party pills. Animals will be experimented on under a controversial scientific testing method being considered by the Government to determine whether the ‘legal highs' party drugs are safe for human consumption.

"The proposed testing of party pills on animals would add to an already shocking figure for New Zealand - with last year over 327,000 animals experimented on. Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary and this latest news makes a mockery of a system that claims it is working at reducing animal experiments," says Campaign Manager Mandy Carter.

"Better alternatives already exist to animal experiments, so why subject animals to cruelty if we don't need to?" says Mandy. "In the UK recreational drug, alcohol and tobacco testing is banned, it's time for New Zealand to do the same".

SAFE, the SPCA and The Green party are urging New Zealanders to fight the proposal when public submissions are called for.

Although Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has ruled out the controversial Lethal Dose (LD50) test in which doses of a drug are given to a sample group of animals until half the test group dies, he has said other forms of animal testing are possible.

November 2012