The school girl who wrote a cook book to help animals!

Waimauku school girl Clara Donne became a vegetarian at the age of six and the veg cookbook she has been creating and compiling ever since, is just about to launch. 

Clara hopes her cook book, which features her own amazing artwork as well as photos of animals and of her delicious dishes, will change people’s thinking around their food choices.  

Back when Clara was six, she instinctively felt so strongly about animal rights, she was compelled to write to John Key asking him to change the law to stop animals being killed for food. Although he wrote back agreeing with her, she realised that more people would need to feel the way she did before the law would change to protect animals from people eating them. 

So she set about creating a recipe book especially for kids, full of yummy vegetarian food that even the best of parents would approve of for health and nutritional benefits, in order to create more vegetarians in New Zealand. 

Clara's book can be bought online at or by emailing [email protected]. It is also available at The Children’s Bookshop, Kilbirnie, Wellington.

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Turkish Falafel

Try out this awesome recipe, which has been kindly gifted to SAFE by Clara - thanks Clara!

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Clara on National Radio

Listen to Clara being interviewed on National Radio.

While SAFE promotes recipes with no animal products, we congratulate Clara on her beautiful cook book and hope that it will inspire other kids to consider taking up a compassionate lifestyle too.  You and your family can help animals, by taking the 30 day Go Veg challenge this World Veg Month and by encouraging the people you know to!

12 October 2015