Animals Still Suffer in Experiments

Figures released by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) yesterday show an increase in the numbers of animals suffering in experiments, with over a quarter of a million animals used in 2016.

Over 8500 of the animals, mostly rodents and rabbits, were used in extremely painful experiments.

The figures are extremely disappointing, as there are a number of effective alternatives to animal testing including those using cell cultures, human tissue and computer models. These are all done without causing animals to suffer.

Replacement and reduction of animals used as well as refinement in experimental design are being talked about the internationally. Despite this, MPI continues to sign off on these experiments, some of which cause horrific suffering for the animals involved.

We need to end animal testing and instead put resources into efforts that are not just better for the animals, but more reliable. Farmed animals account for almost 65 per cent of the animals used, and this latest report is yet another example of how we put profit before animal welfare.

New Zealanders love animals and most would agree that it is unacceptable to cause suffering to even one animal when alternatives exist. We need to end animal testing and put precious resources into methods that are not just better for animals, but more relevant to human health.

Take Action

  • Call on Government to set up a fully resourced, independent Ministry for Animal Welfare, that will work in the best interest of all animals.
  • Give the bunnies a break. Get the free SAFEshopper app to choose products that are produced without animal testing.

11 June 2018