SAFE is delighted to announce that the International Rodeo event, the largest rodeo in the country, will not go ahead this year. The event is usually held each November and in 2012 it took place in Dunedin and Hamilton. Neither venue has a booking this year.

Last year's Dunedin event was an abject failure, selling only one quarter of the stadium capacity and attracting criticism from SAFE and the public on animal welfare grounds. Hamilton faced a protest from local residents and SAFE volunteers, as well of the release of footage which showed the stress and fear suffered by the animals at the International Rodeo.

"With rodeo season just about to begin we are pleased to start with a win for the animals. Animals don't want to perform - they are confused and scared. It is certainly no fun for them," says campaign manager Mandy Carter. "We hope this is the beginning of the end for rodeos in New Zealand and if the event is resurrected in the future organisers and councils will certainly face further pressure."

The International Rodeo was the largest rodeo in the country and included loud music, fireworks and pyrotechnics, so along with the usual torment, goading and brutal treatment animals endure at rodeos, they also had to contend with fear, stress and anxiety caused by loud noise and bright lights.

October 2013