It's election year - your chance to speak up

Let your political candidate know you care about animals!

On 23 September, New Zealanders will vote for political candidates in the General Election. Some parties have animal welfare policies and spokespeople; others don’t. You may want to vote to improve the life of animals in NZ, but not know the best way to do so.

We aim to help. SAFE will look at all the parties’ policies, and summarise views on important animal issues like factory farming and live export. Closer to the election we’ll publish this information.

Before you decide who to vote for you could politely contact your local candidate via Twitter, email, phone, mail, or by meeting them. Elections are a time when politicians are more accessible than normal. Out on the streets, on social media, they reach out to try and get your vote. You can make sure they know that people care about what happens to animals, and how political decisions impact them.

Sows confined to farrowing crates, chickens in colony cages and animals shipped around the world; these can all end if politicians want them to. Can the animals count on you when you cast your vote?

9 June 2017