Two gardens and a winery fundraiser

Two Gardens and a Winery was a fundraising success for the second year in a row for SAFE Kerikeri, thanks to Monto Gardens and Tralina Putih Gardens as well as the intriguingly named Fat Pig Winery. 

The unique and distinctive garden tours included a lunch with Linda McCartney vegetarian burgers and sausages kindly sponsored by Lunch Bar @ Mill Lane and Kerikeri Panel beaters. The lunch proved very popular as was to the raffle which was won by Sue Moorhouse.

SAFE wishes to congratulate everyone involved. All proceeds went to SAFE to help factory-farmed animals in New Zealand.

"It was a fun day with plenty of sunshine, with the gardens bursting with abundant life and colour after all the rain they had had; yummy food and good wine," said one of the organisers.

SAFE extends a huge thank you to all who helped to make this a fantastic day, and there were many of them. A special thanks goes to the sponsors for their generosity. These include Lunch Bar @ Mill Lane, Kerikeri Panel Beaters, Enz of the Earth, DD Gold, Firestone Kerikeri, BOI Vets, Putts Florist, Planet Green and Keri Digital.

Thank you to Northland Age and Northland Advocate for publicising the event. And last but not least, a huge thank you to Karen and her helpers for putting this event together!

09 February 2012