THE LAST EVER BIG DAY OUT (BDO) turned out to be a much less chaotic and cramped than usual and SAFE was lucky enough to be a part of the end of an era. 

The SAFE stand was slotted into a very pleasant market area with other charity groups and market stalls. The stall promoted the opportunity to sign MP cards which were well received and for a donation, festival goers got to wear one of the popular ‘SAFE For Chicks' temporary tattoos.

The awareness of factory farming amongst the BDO audience was very impressive, with great willingness to sign MP cards shown.

"It seems we are really starting to see a generation of young people who hold a new set of values regarding animal cruelty. Many cited the SAFE TV advertisements about factory farming of pigs and chickens as having educated them. Some also spoke of SAFE's school resources that had them writing essays on battery hens at secondary school," says SAFE promotions manager Amanda Sorrenson.

"Also noteworthy were the numbers of people wanting to donate to our "great cause". Hopefully, if someone manages to save the BDO, SAFE will be in attendance again next year," says Amanda.

09 February 2012