Fonterra pro dairy ad parodied

Dairy giant Fonterra, and the NZ dairy industry as a whole, is in damage control mode after two seasons of high profile, confronting exposės by SAFE and Farmwatch, showing the truth about animal cruelty in the production of milk and cheese that they don’t want New Zealanders and overseas consumers to see.

They've also been slammed in recent weeks for damage to the environment via pollution to streams and rivers, continued use of fossil fuels and human rights abuses around forced and child labour in the production of palm kernel expeller, which is fed to cows.

It's been hard to avoid Fonterra's new pro-dairy ads running across TV and social media as part of a campaign called 'Trusted Goodness'. These ads talk about farmers loving their cows: patting them; singing to them; giving them names.

However, this public relations stunt doesn't change the fact that investigations have repeatedly exposed both deliberate and inherent abuse of cows and their calves.

Not all farmers are cruel, BUT all dairy farming is cruel; so SAFE decided to fix Fonterra’s ad for them. Watch now.

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8 December 2016