Wellington art and market stalls

Wellingtonians enjoyed a fine selection of vegan "cruelty-free baking" at the Hill St Market on Saturday 28th July, courtesy of several keen local bakers. Market-goers got the chance to buy savoury pumpkin muffins, gigantic chocolate cookies, lemon poppy seed muffins, nut rolls, and even a gluten-free option of choc chip cookies. 

SAFE Wellington coordinator Rachel Manley says, "Just goes to show that you don't need to use eggs, butter or cream to make waistline-expanding foods to indulge in!"

Another new local volunteer brought some delicious chocolate cake which he gave away free to entice people to the stall. It worked and they managed to raise $180 on the day - nice one, Wellington!



Wellington SAFE also attended the opening night of "Philozoia", an art installation by textile artist Patricia Nurchandra. The work explores "the fundamental moral and ethical status of non-human animals in relation to their exploitation by man through two main approaches within the animal liberation movement: animal welfare and animal rights." 

Rachel added, "It was great see so many people there to consider the issues of animal exploitation. The works that included textile letters in cages really had a visual impact and it was a great night!"

08 August 2012