New Zealand sheep used in cruel testing overseas

An undercover investigation overseas has exposed horrific cruelty to New Zealand sheep in a U.K. laboratory.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) discovered that Cambridge University have been using sheep bred in New Zealand to research neurological disorders. As part of the grotesque testing regime, sheep had devices implanted in their brains resulting in blindness, disorientation and severe suffering. Laboratory staff also allegedly abused some of the animals, with one sheep suffering a broken leg and having to be euthanised after being shoved in to a crate.

The testing models used in the UK in these tests were first developed at Lincoln and Otago Universities. A lot of animal testing in New Zealand is carried out on farm animals by the agriculture industry to maximise profits and productivity. Less than 10% is for medical research.

Nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies after the animal tests, demonstrating that animal tests are not the best method.

SAFE head of campaigns Mandy Carter says, "this latest investigation demonstrates yet again how cruel and horrific animal testing really is. SAFE would love to see an end to animal testing once and for all, and to see it replaced by more effective, modern technologies."

June 2014