Kids tell Countdown how it is

A huge number of people have been emailing and calling Countdown and bombarding their Facebook page, asking them to stop selling cage eggs, and Countdown just keeps making excuses. But there is one group that they know their excuses won't work with – children.

Countdown heavily advertises to kids via collectables, such as their current ‘movie star’ cards. They care what kids think. And kids care about animals.

Right now, there are thousands of New Zealand hens suffering in cages, crammed inside huge dingy sheds. In Australia, Woolworths has already committed to going cage-free. They’re the parent company of Countdown, so makes sense they should do it here too, right?

We know it. You know it and kids know it. But, Countdown still isn't getting it. They’re not listening.

So…we decided to see what Kiwi kids had to say about Countdown’s sale of cage eggs. Check out what caring youngsters thought in our new video.

In the words of nine-year-old Jasmin, “Countdown, you should stop having hens like this because it’s really mean.”

It’s now time for Countdown to hear, and LISTEN to, what kids - and Kiwis - think of keeping hens in cages.


  • Watch our new kids’ video and afterwards take action by asking Countdown to go totally cage-free.
  • If you have a child who cares about animals, we want to help them make their voice heard. Get in touch!

10 May 2016