New national campaign for hens

Globally, retailers are realising that cage eggs are too cruel for sale, with phase-outs underway internationally on a huge scale.

The cage egg industry is truly in free-fall in New Zealand now Countdown has become the first supermarket, and first major retailer on our shores, to join the global revolution to free hens from cages, announcing they will phase out cage eggs from their stores nationwide.

But still, there is much work to be done.

The next step towards a cage-free future is showing how everyday choices can shape a kinder world for egg-laying hens. SAFE’s brand new campaign, showing the cruel reality of where cage eggs come from, and asking Kiwis not to buy them, has now gone national, reaching millions of New Zealanders.

A TV ad, starring actor Aidee Walker, is now airing on screens across New Zealand. Through the generosity of supporters, the ad will show for FOUR WEEKS in April in the breaks between popular shows such as Shortland Street, Breakfast and Coronation Street. Even better, cinemas will also be running the ad nationally, and our cage-free message is appearing on billboards in top commuter locations, being seen by thousands of people every single day.

This is great news for hens. These birds have their beaks cut without pain relief. Many of them live in chronic pain. And none of them can walk around properly or even stretch their wings. So they desperately need our help.

But we know New Zealanders care.

After Countdown announced they will phase out all cage eggs by 2024 (North Island) and 2025 (rest of New Zealand), we quickly changed our planned ad from one asking Countdown to go cage-free, to one asking people to avoid buying all cage eggs.

“We are delighted that so many people have shown their concern for hens by donating to make this ad a reality,” says campaigns director Mandy Carter. “Millions of people will now see the misery of life for caged hens on their TV screens, making the connection with the eggs on supermarket shelves.”

In addition to Countdown, a number of companies have already committed to going cage-free in New Zealand including McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s.

Our campaign to stop the caging of hens continues and we are already in productive dialogue with other retailers so that together we can create a cage-free New Zealand.

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6 April 2017