Revealed: the shocking truth behind colony battery cages.

Tonight on TV3’s Story, we revealed the explosive truth about the new ‘humane’ alternative to battery cages.

Filmed by investigators from Farmwatch, new footage shows:

  • Hens trapped beneath perches and left to starve to death;
  • Dead hens left to rot alongside live hens;
  • Severely de-feathered hens living in overcrowded conditions.

Conditions on the farm were so bad that of four hens rescued, two later died from their injuries.

This shocking investigation shows beyond doubt that new colony cages are as cruel as standard battery cages.  In fact, some investigators are saying they are even worse.

As you know, we have been asking Countdown to phase out cage eggs for some time.  However, not only does Countdown continue to sell these eggs, they even allow egg producers to con their customers by labelling eggs from caged hens as ‘colony-laid’ or ‘colony-eggs’ – giving the impression that cages are indeed a thing of the past. 

Take Action:

Watch and share SAFE’s video, and then call on Countdown to drop cage eggs for good.

6 April 2016