Two gardens and a winery tour

The KeriKeri gardens and a winery opened their doors as a fundraiser for SAFE and had a whopper of a day!

The Two Gardens and a Winery Tour included a vegetarian sausage sizzle and was publicised in local newspapers and businesses. As a result, over 60 people attended despite the pouring rain!

SAFE's Far North coordinator Karen Zimmerman reports there was an extremely positive response from attendees and SAFE's support in the Far North has reached new levels!

The Two Gardens and a Winery tour raised over $600 for SAFE and excellent follow up articles were published in two local papers. Well done guys! 

A big thank you to Monto Gardens, Tralina Putih, and Fat Pig Vineyard for hosting the event; Carpet Court for assisting with printing promotional materials; and Vegetarian Delights for donating Fry's sausages. A huge thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who helped organise and run the event, as well as local businesses for promoting the event and selling tickets.


06 February 2011