SAFE at BDO and Laneways

Music festival-goers at two of Auckland largest international festivals, Laneways and BDO, got to check out the SAFE stands; and in the case of Laneways, feast on vegan food!  

Those attending the Big Day Out got the chance to wear a SAFE LoveChicks designer temporary tattoo, while jamming away to a bevy of local and international acts. The SAFE stall was constantly busy with a flurry of activity and lots of volunteer sign ups, donations and sales of campaign tee-shirts.

Laneways festival in Aotea Square was a bustling hive of activity, with a 4500-throng of grooving festival-goers. SAFE stepped up to provide an impressive vegan food stall of vegetarian spring rolls, crispy ‘chicken' satay salad wraps and bags of Kea cookies. While we didn't sell what we were expecting, we made an impressive $2100 throughout the day and were highly praised for offering all the vegetarians and vegans something awesome to eat.

Even the leftover coleslaw was donated to rescued farm animals so the animals also benefited from a good day out!

06 February 2011