SAFE Youth Summer Tips

Summer sun can be fun – but it’s not always a good time for animals.
If you love animals and want to make sure they have an awesome summer take a look at the following tips.


1    Hot dogs

There’s only one good hot dog in summer and that’s a veggie hotdog on a stick. Dogs can overheat quickly in summer (remember they are wearing a fur coat!) and the results can be deadly. Your car can literally turn into an oven for your dog so never leave them locked inside the car on a hot day. Even with the window left open a bit the car can still overheat.

2    Injured animals or wildlife

It’s likely that while you are on the road during your holidays that you may come across an injured animal. It’s useful to have the following in your car for these sorts of situations.

  • A cardboard box (with a secure lid and air holes punched in)
  • An old towel
  • A plastic bottle of water and small bowl

Be careful when approaching and handling injured animals as they may bite or scratch. Contact the nearest SPCA, vet clinic or DOC (Dept of Conservation) for advice and help.

3    Fun for animals

Many people go fishing or visit the zoo during the holidays, but these activities aren’t that fun for the animals.  Why not visit an animal sanctuary instead?

4    Backyard attractions

Have you ever sat quietly and watched the animals in your garden? Why not make some special animal attractions?

  • A birdbath or bird feeding station will attract birds.
  • Leave a bowl of water out for any thirsty nocturnal visitors (like hedgehogs).
  • Make a weta house.

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