MPI confirms: rodeo abuse legal

Following complaints regarding animal abuse at eight rodeos during the 2014/2015 rodeo season the Ministry of Primary Industries has responded to say no action will be taken.
Activists had filmed and reported seeing the rope burning of animals;  twisting of tails, the use of electric prods on bulls to rile them up, exceeding time-limits in calf roping, use of noise-making bells close to the animals and not releasing animals when required to do so.
MPI responded to say that there may have been “some incidents which constitute minor breaches of the Rodeos Code of Welfare,” but that no further action will be taken.
Earlier this year, rampant abuse within the rodeo industry was revealed.  Most of this abuse is considered legal in the rodeo welfare code – and despite the obvious cruelty, the ‘cowboys' did not face any consequences of their ill-treatment of animals.
“This response from MPI goes to show once and for all that the law to protect rodeo animals is completely inadequate. We must ban rodeo completely to ensure this unnecessary suffering ends,” says SAFE’s Head of campaigns Mandy Carter.


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7 August 2015