Remember other mothers this Mother’s Day

Cows are well known for the strong bonds they form with their babies. They are such good mums, that they'll even look after other calves in the herd if needed; just like Aunties. Sadly, the dairy industry doesn’t let cows do what they do best – be mothers.

Last November SAFE and Farmwatch released the results of an investigation of the dairy industry which showed the brutal treatment of some calves taken away from their mothers shortly after birth.

Although not all the calves from dairy cows are treated so badly, there is inherent cruelty in the industry.

Many of us don’t realise that in order to produce milk, cows must be lactating. Since this only happens after giving birth, cows are kept in a perpetual cycle of pregnancy. Their baby once born, and the milk for that baby, are then taken from them. In New Zealand five million calves are separated from their mothers, with two million of them going to the slaughterhouse at 4 days old. 

These babies belong with their mothers; mothers who become visibly distressed when separated from their calves. It is not unusual for cows to bellow and call out for days when their babies are taken from them.


  • Watch and share our video about cows and their calves.
  • There are millions of milking cows in the NZ dairy industry today. Every single one was a mother. Remember all these mums this Mother’s Day by making YOUR mum some delicious dairy-free ice cream and check out some other easy, cruelty-free recipes.

06 May 2016