Jumbo - finding a home at the zoo?

SAFE met with zoo management early this year to discuss the possibility of the zoo taking Jumbo, the country's sole remaining circus elephant.

"There is also little chance that Jumbo will ever be transferred to Auckland Zoo to keep Burma company. We have been told that the zoo is not interested in Jumbo as she does not fit within the zoo's plans to establish a breeding herd of Asian elephants. Sadly, we now have two solitary and very lonely elephants in our country," says Hans.

SAFE continues to call for an end to the keeping of elephants in both circuses and zoos, and it hopes that Kashin's death will be a catalyst for a more enlightened stance by Auckland Zoo.

"The zoo now has the chance to show that the welfare of elephants is more important to them than their crowd-attracting potential and to join the growing number of international zoos that no longer keep elephants in captivity," says Hans.