Twenty concerned SAFE volunteers protested in Papatoetoe last weekend (19 Sept), maintaining the pressure on the circus to retire Jumbo the elephant. It has been a year since the Loritz Circus was last in Auckland and it has been having varying fortunes in different parts of New Zealand, with SAFE supporters meeting it in each place.

The circus is now in Albany for three weeks without Jumbo after the North Harbour Stadium refused to give permission to allow the elephant on site. Operations Manager Brian Doherty says he was concerned enough to research the issue and decided it was not appropriate to permit Jumbo on their property.

SAFE congratulates Brian Doherty and the North Harbour Stadium for their position.

Even without Jumbo present SAFE would like to encourage people not to support the circus until there is a real plan for retirement for Jumbo in place.

SAFE volunteers are distributing campaign posters and fliers in the area. If you're able to help spread the word please contact [email protected]

Circus spokesman Paul Johnson told SAFE he believes there is no evidence to show Jumbo is not happy and is determined to keep touring her, ostensibly to raise funds for some kind of retirement. SAFE believes that this is ‘more of the same' and is not impressed, as there is still no real intention on the part of the circus to stop the touring of Jumbo.