All go for SAFE teams!

"Legal highs" petitions, sprinting a mile as fast as possible, jogging in a cage - it's been all go for the SAFE teams this past month!

"Legal Highs" Petition Signings GALORE!

Volunteers have been out in force all over the country dressed in animal costume, collecting signatures for the petition to stop "party pills" and other "legal highs" being tested on animals. We've had a great response from the public as it seems New Zealanders feel very strongly that innocent animals should not be brought in to this, and rightly so! Add your own signature now:

The Body, Mind, Spirit Festival

National volunteer coordinator Laura says "SAFE attends this busy event every year in Christchurch and we LOVE it! This year was no exception. We collected 100s of signatures for our No Cages petition and 100s more for our Cruelty Free petition. Well done, Christchurch volunteers!"

Meanwhile, our Auckland Volunteer Coordinator, Marianne, says:

"The cameras were snapping from every direction, with competitors taking photos of SAFE's hens in a cage running Round the Bays in Auckland. As usual it was very hot, but our six caged hens kept smiling throughout the 8.4 kilometres, running past lots of other people, to be rewarded with a vegan barbeque at the end. A huge thank-you to Tong Wee, Virginia, James, Golee, Melissa and Carla."

"Another first: volunteers Carla and Melissa took part in the Queen St Mile: a fun-run down Auckland's Queen St. 
Carla said, ''We got lots of attention from those on Queen Street. It was a great feeling to be what I am sure were the first ever hens running down Queen Street!''

04 April 2013