The End of Sow Stalls

3rd December 2015 is a date for the history books. It is the day when cruel sow stalls (used to house pregnant pigs) are banned forever!

The sow stall ban is the single biggest victory the New Zealand animal rights movement has achieved to date, and it came after a long, hard-fought campaign.

The highlight was a hard-hitting 2009 exposé on current affairs show ‘Sunday’ featuring undercover footage of sows suffering in their stalls.

This explosive story created a huge public outcry and led to dozens more media stories further exposing the suffering of factory-farmed pigs. Never before in this country was an animal-based industry so maligned for its treatment of animals. The public response pressured the government into announcing a five-year phase-out of sow stalls.

The success of this campaign proved the value of undercover filming exposing animal cruelty.  Harrowing images have the power to spur on public demand for action and get results for animals.

Since the phase-out was announced in 2010, pig farmers have steadily been reducing the use of sow stalls.  SAFE, however, will keep a watchful eye on the industry and expose any farmers who flaunt the law by still using sow stalls after 3rd December. 

The sow stall ban gives us confidence that with hard work and your support, we can continue to make a real difference for animals.

3 December 2015