Sweet raffle helps animals

The Christchurch SAFE office was brightened up one Friday morning by a pint-sized visitor with a big heart.

Seven-year-old Discovery 1 student Nevada Pilkington-Sharp popped into the office with her Mum and baby sister to deliver a donation to help animals.

Nevada loves animals and initially wanted to help polar bears. Her Mum suggested it might be easier to help the animals closer to home. After talking about the animals in New Zealand that needed the most help, Nevada decided to raise money towards SAFE's campaign to free battery hens.

A chocolate bar was raffled at school for a cool 10c per ticket. It was a very popular raffle prize, with some children buying 10 tickets at a time. In all, Nevada managed to sell 122 tickets!

We think this is just wonderful and it was such a pleasure to meet such a compassionate and caring young person. When we asked what the most fun thing was about raising the money, Nevada said it was coming to deliver it to us at the SAFE office. That just melts our hearts!

Thanks Nevada! You are an inspiration and it was fun meeting you, too!

03 July 2012