A letter to Mainland Poultry from 8yr old Tane!

We were delighted to receive a copy of eight-year-old Tane William's letter in the SAFE office last month. Tane from Redcliffs School was tasked, as part of a school project, with writing a letter to somebody of his choosing with the aim of getting answers.

Without any prompting by his parents or his teachers Tane chose to write to Mainland Poultry, the largest battery egg producer in the country, as he'd learnt about battery hens and cages at school.


In his letter Tane writes:


‘Dear Mainland Farmers,
My name is Tane. In our classroom we are learning about battery hens and farming. First I am worried that the battery hens are not having a good life in such small spaces.

  •  Do you know if battery farm hens are having a good life in cages?
  • Why do you kill the hens at one and a half years old?
  •  Why do you pick battery farming over free range?

In other countries the law is that battery farming isn't allowed. I think that could be because they are thinking about the hen's life in a cage and that's why I am worried about a hen's life in cage.

One last thing is that I want you to think about a hen's life in a cage. You are also blocking one of the five freedoms, exercise. I wouldn't want to be in a cage would you? From Tane'


SAFE Campaign Manager Mandy Carter says "Tane is a real champion for animals, being proactive and thinking for himself. He has done a really great job of making his views clear to Mainland Poultry. He has expressed his ideas, explained his study and asked questions. Well done Tane, a fantastic letter! Thank you for sticking up for hens."

03 July 2012