Christchurch chicken cheerleading

Christchurch SAFE volunteers have been raising awareness for the Battery Hen campaign in a fun and slightly unusual way ... Christchurch Chicken Cheerleading!

The Christchurch Roller Derby team "Dead End Derby" are SAFE supporters themselves and invited SAFE along to all of their up and coming home games. What started out as an innocent information stall quickly turned into a bunch of volunteers in chicken suits waving green pompons and cheerleading or "jeerleading" as its know in this sport.

The chicken cheerleaders attracted lots of positive attention at the last match on Saturday 30th June. Kids were asking for chicken hugs and grown ups were signing the No Cages petitions. Many people had questions about which eggs they should buy and which to avoid. The chickens even took to the floor at half time to dance and shake their pompons for the crowd!

What a fun way to raise awareness! And who says volunteering isn't fun? 

Thank you Rosie, Tara, Mariann and Nicole for being such great sports!

03 July 2012