Burger King move to cage-free!

Burger King New Zealand has announced it is the latest big player in the food industry that will no longer be using eggs from caged hens. From September 2016 their restaurants will be introducing cage-free eggs and they intend to be the first "large burger chain to move to 100% free range eggs New Zealand wide". 

This news from Burger King shows the strength of the cage-free movement globally. In recent months, major supermarket chains like Kroger and Wal-Mart in the United States, all Austrian and Dutch supermarkets, and almost all Canadian supermarkets have agreed to drop cage-eggs. Burger King joins McDonald’s and Wendy’s in New Zealand who have already committed to making the same move due to public pressure.

"SAFE is pleased to see Burger King join other retailers in listening to the growing public concern about the treatment of caged hens. These decisions are made when caring consumers stick up for animals and demand change. Now it is time for Countdown to step up and do the same,” says Head of Campaigns Mandy Carter.

One of New Zealand’s biggest retailers, Countdown, sells millions of eggs from caged hens – every one laid by a hen confined to a life of misery. Countdown is owned by Woolworths Australia who agreed to stop selling cage eggs in Australia by 2025. SAFE, and the New Zealand public are asking Countdown to make the same commitment to phase out cage eggs.


Please tell Countdown that you want them to go cage-free by sending them a message now, asking them to phase out all cage eggs.

4 May 2016