Cruelty-Free Companies Issue Plea to John Key to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing

The latest development in SAFE's cruelty-free cosmetics campaign has seen twenty eight cosmetics companies from across New Zealand, including major brands such as LUSH, the Body Shop and Kiwi favourites Antipodes, Oasis Beauty and Sorbet issuing a plea to Prime Minster John Key to ban animal testing for cosmetics in New Zealand.

The joint open letter reads, “We are part of a thriving, innovative and successful New Zealand cosmetics industry that operates entirely without animal testing. Banning animal testing of cosmetics would be good for our industry, and good for consumers and animals alike.”

The letter follows the recent amendment introduced by Green MP Mojo Mather, which if it goes ahead will change the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill to include a prohibition on the use of animals in experiments relating to cosmetics.

SAFE’s campaign manager, Mandy Carter, said: “No one wants to see animals suffering for the sake of a new shampoo or lipstick. The fact that these companies are hugely successful without harming any animals just goes to show how unnecessary animal testing is. A ban is the right thing to do for humans and animals, and the review of the Animal Welfare Act is the perfect opportunity to make this happen.” 

Companies proudly cruelty-free and writing to John Key:

Antipodes, Lush, The Body Shop, Wendyl's Green Goddess, Kester Black, NZ Skincare company, Linden Leaves, Ecobeings, The Herb Farm, Aubrey Organics, French Transit Ltd, Sorbet, Oasis Beauty, Flawless, Pot of Gold, Klin isi, Sukin, Montagne Jeunesse, Dr Wendy's, Skinfood (NZ) Limited, African Pacific, Blue Earth Ltd, Ann Marie Gianni, Spa Ayurda, Joi Pure, NLG Healing, Immersion Mineral Cosmetics, Hurraw! Balm.

March 2014