New school textbook: Animals in Factory Farms

Issue five in the SAFE Animals & Us textbook series is about to hit New Zealand secondary schools. Animals in Factory Farms is a multi-disciplinary textbook that will excite teachers and students with an interest in animal rights and factory farming.

The textbook engages critically with the issue of factory farming and contains the following curriculum-linked lessons:

  • Social Studies (Year 13) AS91600
    Taking a Stand Against Factory Farming:

Examines the transformation of social action into social justice with the successful campaign to ban sow stalls.

  • Science (Year 11) AS90949
    ‘Normal Behaviour’ in Factory Farms:

Investigates what constitutes ‘normal behaviour’ on factory farm; a study of animal behaviour and abnormal activities.

  • Biology (Year 13) AS91607
    Meat Chickens: Grow Fast, Die Young:

Studies the use of selective breeding for increased production and cost effectiveness, and the biological implications for chickens.

  • English (Year 12) AS91105
    Unlocking Factory Farms:

Researches texts relating to factory farming and draws developed, convincing and perceptive conclusions from these texts.

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4 November 2016