More sponsors turn their back on rodeo cruelty

Yet more sponsors have agreed to drop sponsorship of cruel rodeo. Every year in New Zealand countless animals are terrified and abused in rodeo events, with many companies unwittingly supporting the animal abuse.

Condemned by SAFE and the SPCA, the public agrees that rodeo need to go. Over 62,000 New Zealanders signed a petition to end rodeo, while a poll showed that the majority of people want to see a ban.

Companies sponsoring this cruelty are often unaware of what actually happens to the animals involved, and some do not realise that their branches are involved with rodeo at a local level.

Harcourts have become the latest company to act quickly when alerted by SAFE to the fact that their Blackham Boote branch was a sponsor of Winchester Rodeo. The branch agreed to withdraw sponsorship and their name from the event, showing that Harcourts take animal welfare seriously.

Recently other companies have joined the movement away from rodeo. More FM has dropped support of Richmond rodeo saying that it has“no sponsorship commitments going forward with Rodeos.”Two more sponsors Warkworth New World and Gull Snells Beach have also distanced themselves from this cruelty after campaigns from Direct Animal Action.

Companies seek to be involved with the local community, but there are many alternative activities to support that don’t involve harming animals. SAFE urges all rodeo sponsors to not support animal cruelty.

Take action:

  • Send an email to other sponsors asking them to drop their support of rodeo.
  • Report sponsor: If you’ve spotted a company sponsoring rodeo, let us know.

2 September 2016