Animals & Us: Mindful about Animals in Factory Farms

The long-awaited fifth Animals & Us textbook is almost ready to go to print, but we need YOUR help to make it available to every secondary school child in the country!

The Animals & Us textbook series provides schools, teachers and students with relevant, factual information on the human-animal relationship.  The fifth volume – Animals in Factory Farms – includes the following curriculum-linked lessons:

English – Unlocking Factory Farms:

Reading and researching texts relating to factory farming and drawing developed, convincing and perceptive conclusions from these texts.

Science – ‘Normal Behaviour’ on Factory Farms:

Conducting an investigation into what constitutes ‘normal behaviour’ on a factory farm; a study of animal behavior and abnormal activities.

Biology – Meat Chickens: Grow Fast, Die Young:

Studying the use of selective breeding for increased production and cost effectiveness, and the biological implications for chickens.

Social Studies – Taking a Stand:

Examining the transformation of social action into justice with the successful campaign to ban sow stalls.

Get Involved:

  • Previous volumes in the Animals & Us series have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers and students, but we need your help to get volume 5 printed and sent out ready for the next school year.
  • It costs $24 to produce and distribute one copy of the textbook.  Please consider making a donation today, and together we can make a difference to the lives of both animals and children across the country.

4 August 2016