Outrage at delay and lies

2 August

SAFE is calling on the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) to issue an apology to the New Zealand public for allowing battery cages to continue for 22 years in breach of New Zealand animal welfare legislation, and for spreading misleading information. 

NAWAC is proposing to delay the phase-out of conventional battery hen cages by another two years. Consultation on the proposals closes today but SAFE believes that the process is farcical and that public opinion will be ignored. 

"It is almost beyond comprehension that NAWAC, a committee supposedly set up to ensure good animal welfare standards, should let itself be bullied by the egg industry into allowing the ongoing use of a cruel cage system that is in breach of the AWA. By the time cages are finally phased out, the industry will have had 23 years of use of these cages despite their illegality."  

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